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Ethical Trading

We take environmental and ethical concerns very seriously.

Sustainable Tea

Strong Vend offers tea products that support the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-commercial organisation that brings together many of the largest tea producers in a commitment to providing tea that is ethically sourced as well as providing fair conditions for workers on their estates.

ETP members buy tea only from estates that are included in the initiative. The initiative covers more than 60 brands of tea sold across 40 countries. ETP is using independent monitors to check that conditions on tea estates meet or exceed local laws, trade union agreements and some international standards.

As of 2005, ETP had monitored just over half the estates supplying its members in seven tea-producing regions: North India, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

It has improved conditions for tea workers and their families by:

– providing free housing and medical care for their 80,000 dependents.

– funding 19 primary schools and four secondary schools.

ETP is also encouraging use of renewable energy sources (such as eucalyptus instead of coal) to dry tea and has planted 100,000 trees.

Go to www.ethicalteapartnership.org to find out more.

Sustainable Coffee

Strong Vend joined Lavazza in supporting the Rainforest Alliance by selling its Lavazza ¡Tierra! beans in 2006.

¡Tierra! is the sustainable development project developed by Lavazza in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, an organisation involved in promoting sustainable coffee.

¡Tierra! coffee growers go through a Rainforest Alliance certification process to ensure that they comply with its rigorous social and environmental standards. Its aim is to support small-scale coffee growers in Latin America, helping them produce the best possible product and improve living conditions in their communities.

The project helps growers in Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

It provides modern coffee-growing equipment, teaches environmentally friendly farming techniques.

It gives them the tools they need to market their coffee on more favourable terms.

All Lavazza coffee beans are now Rainforest Alliance which means a client has a greater ethical choice.


Go to www.lavazza.com and www.rainforest-alliance.org to find out more about the sustainable coffee project.

Recyclable Cups

Strong Vend partners with a number of London based recycling companies to ensure that our clients have an environmentally friendly solution.

Available to any office, big or small, in London, their recycling services give clients the hassle free solution to all office recycling needs whether it is vending cups, paper or glass, keyboards or cans.

Strong Vend take recycling and protecting the environment very seriously, so this relationship was a natural choice to help our customers make their office vending solutions more environmentally friendly.

Twinings Tea

Strong Vend can source a range of Twinings teas.

Strong Vend only work with ethical suppliers like Twinings who run their Ethical Tea Sourcing programme.

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