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Strong VendBy being more environmentally sensitive and reducing the use of energy and water we are not only being more eco-friendly but are also reducing our operating costs.

This waste reduction makes us more focused on client services. So what benefits are there for our clients and why would they be concerned with the fact that Strong Vend has obtained such an accreditation?

  • Improved customer satisfaction – By ensuring we follow these strictly mapped out processes, Strong Vend will reduce the amount of non-conformities within the business enabling us to provide our loyal customers with a further enhanced service.


  • Improved quality – The accreditation demonstrates that the business is prepared to put in extra time and effort to ensure we continue to provide a high quality service within environmental guidelines.


  • Verification of business credentials – Customers will also be assured they are partnering with the correct company who has a positive environmental ethos and are able to support these claims from an instantly recognisable governing body.


  • Improved Cost effectiveness – As the company continues to improve the cost effectiveness of operations by ensuring that any environmental waste is kept to a minimum thus reducing costs.

The team at Strong Vend are delighted with the ISO 14001 certification and the impact it has had on the business, but the hard work does not stop here. Strong Vend will continually research and trial environmental improvements to our business, as well as conducting regular internal audits to ensure the business operates to the strict standards set out by the governing body NQA.