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The bean to cup coffee machine debate: To buy or to rent?

Bean to cup coffee machines are the piece de resistance for the caffeinated workforce, saving company time as staff are less likely to leave the premises, walk to the local café and buy their own coffee throughout the day.

But whether it is better to rent or buy is a hotly debated issue. Ultimately, the best solution depends on your circumstances and hinges hugely on personal preference and cash flow.

Since our experts at Strong Vend are all about getting back to (bean) basics, we have weighed up the benefits to both buying and leasing your next bean to cup coffee machine to help you decide which option makes more business sense.

Buying: The Benefits

The stability factor: The most appealing aspect of buying a bean to cup coffee machine is taking ownership of a much-cherished piece of office hardware. For stability, security and consumer fulfillment, the machine is yours for keeps. Strong Vend offers a wide range of high-performing machines that are not at risk of technological obsolescence.

Investing rather than spending:

Often the preferred option of businesses operating with sufficient capital, purchasing a bean to cup coffee machine involves a one-off investment instead of ongoing monthly rental charges. This acquisition can also present tax breaks for businesses, especially start-ups with first-year allowances (FYAs).

You call the (coffee) shots:

Strong Vend understands the importance of having a fully functioning coffee machine and offers buyers a bespoke service package. This includes delivery, installation, training, regular maintenance, parts and labour, daily cleaning, and a guaranteed rapid response to any service call in London. Every machine is equipped with a BRITA water filter to keep your machine limescale-free and the drinks tasting great.

Straightforward and hassle-free:

Once businesses have selected the model that best satisfies with superb cafe-quality coffee, acquiring a bean to cup coffee machine means one simple transaction. With no binding contract, buying outright removes the bother of negotiating rental terms and conditions and monitoring quarterly repayments.

Financial sensibilities:

Whilst purchase requires a capital investment, it is comparatively cheaper than renting – even when factoring in service and maintenance. For businesses taking out a loan to finance their new machine, terms do tend to be more favourable for buyers.

Renting: The Benefits
Flexibility and freedom:
For those planning to perk up their workplace on a temporary basis or do not feel ready to commit to one bean to cup machine model, renting brings an element of flexibility, freedom and convenience. Short-term or long-term rentals significantly eliminate an initial outlay and allow businesses to manage their expenditure whilst preserving cash flow.

Easy to budget:
For businesses operating with limited capital, renting a coffee machine involves paying a fixed monthly amount with interest included and no hidden additional fees to drain your budget. Pre-determined monthly outgoings will help businesses to budget more effectively and not incur the full cost upfront.

Tax benefits:
For those who deduct the cost of their coffee machine as a business expense for tax reasons, renting is financially viable. Renting for commercial use is 100% tax deductible, meaning that the cost is offset against pre-tax profits during the rental period. Businesses can also reclaim the VAT on quarterly rental repayments.

Keeping your equipment up-to-date:
Renting allows businesses to bypass the burden of an outdated machine – there is always the option to upgrade to more a state-of-the-art model. Strong Vend offers a flexible range of rental contracts and aftercare services and expertly assists new and established customers in finding the best machine for their business and staff.

Eliminate repairs and maintenance costs:
Strong Vend is committed to offering bespoke full service packages to leave businesses refreshingly free of responsibility for repairs, maintenance checks and cleaning. We guarantee a rapid response to any service call we receive in London and equip all machines with a BRITA water filter to ensure that every cup of java tastes superb.

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