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Ten reasons to crush your workouts with coffee during the working day

For the dedicated (and smug) few, hitting the gym at some point during the working day is a sure-fire way of slashing stress levels, boosting metabolism, and increasing productivity. But for most, any well-meaning plans to squeeze in a midday workout get cancelled as we wade through a heap of work demands.

At Strong Vend, we know that striking a workout-work balance is simple enough in theory. But in reality, we too are guilty of not fitting fitness into our ‘too busy’ schedules. Lack of time and other pressing obligations are the most commonly cited excuses from diligent office managers and their conscientious staff for not exercising. Yet on any given day, the workforce is legally entitled to some sort of rest break (usually up to 60 minutes), so cementing a daily or weekly routine is crucial for our health.

For our experts, nothing beats starting the working day than with an espresso, latte or a frothy cappuccino (sometimes all three) from our high-quality bean to cup coffee machines. Whilst we have always advocated the perk-me-up properties of coffee, brand new research shows that it actually helps us perform better in the gym, too.

According to a report by the British Coffee Association, drinking two cups of coffee one hour prior to exercise improves your workout by one-third. Studies show the optimum amount of 3-4mg of caffeine per kilogram of bodyweight consumed before exercise enhances our mood, improves our attention span, reduces symptoms of fatigue, and generally helps us to work out harder – and for longer.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of ten reasons why coffee can complement your workout and help office managers and their staff to achieve their fitness goals.

10. Spurts alertness

Medical evidence suggests the effects of caffeine kick in after just ten minutes to stimulate the brain and nervous system. Just 95 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to an eight-ounce cup of coffee) has a powerful nootropic effect, so it manipulates neurotransmitters to alter how the brain functions. This means that a pre-workout cuppa from your bean to cup coffee machine will perk you up, boost your heart rate and blood pressure, rev up your metabolism, and enhance overall performance and endurance.

9. Fuels muscles

Gym bunnies on the black stuff may be able to lift heavier weights and smash their 5km run in record time. A recent study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that fuelling a workout with caffeine every few hours helps to stimulate the muscles and store energy. This is most effective in anaerobic activities and not recommended for those with a history of high blood pressure.

8. Hydrates like water

A recent survey published in the world’s largest scientific journal PLOS ONE shows that drinking coffee from your bean to cup coffee machine keeps you just as hydrated as bottled water. Contrary to the one-time view back in 1928 that caffeinated coffee was dangerously dehydrating, a team of medical experts now claim that drinking it in moderate amounts (four to five cups per day) will maintain a healthy fluid balance.

7. Boosts stamina

Exercising can be a monumental and grueling task but a cup of coffee could help you run for longer. Caffeine does have mild ergogenic potential and improve alertness and staying power in runners. Australian researchers have recently discovered that even a small quantity of caffeine triggers the muscles to start using fat as an energy source rather than carbohydrate sugars. This is why endurance athletes and marathon runners drink coffee as a way of eking extra energy.

6. Improves circulation

New Japanese research claims that coffee may benefit cardiovascular health because it makes the small blood vessels work better, prevents blood clots forming, and lessens strain on the heart. Participants who downed caffeinated coffee experienced a 30 percent increase in blood flow over a 75-minute period, compared to those who drank the decaf version. Since muscles need oxygen, a daily cuppa from your bean to cup coffee machine may significantly increase circulation, resulting in a more productive workout.

5. Relieves workout woes

Whilst the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ has validity, scientists at the University of Illinois revealed that consuming levels of caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee one hour before a 30-minute high-intensity workout reduces muscle pain and alleviates the agony. This means that stopping to smell the coffee and enjoying a cup of it before exercising – will get you pushing and stretching that little bit harder.

4. Helps to remember routines

For those who steer shy of high-impact aerobics classes complete with hard-to-follow choreographed routines, a brew from your bean to cup coffee machine will stimulate the regions of the brain that regulate concentration. A recent study at Johns Hopkins University showed that a daily dose of caffeine boosts your brain cells and helps to recall specific routines. Additionally, coffee can also enhance memory for up to 24 hours.

3. Benefits health

If consumed without the calorific trappings of sugar, cream and full-fat milk, coffee has plenty of health attributes. Research shows that it is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and may lower the risk of non-hormone responsive breast cancer and endometrial cancer, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and act as a preventative for gout. Studies also show that daily coffee drinkers are 30 percent less likely to develop Type II diabetes.

2. Improves mood and focus

Consumed before exercise, black coffee provides an increase in mental focus, pushes you through tough workouts, and improves your mood – making you actually want to work out. According to leading sports dietician Professor Louise Burke who worked for the Australian Olympic team for five Summer Olympics between 1996 and 2012, caffeine makes us feel better about ourselves. It also gives us the self-discipline to hit the gym – and stay there.

1. Accelerates fat loss

Whilst caffeine has always been a popular additive to diet supplements, it is not a miracle cure for shifting the pounds. However, research shows that coffee is extremely low in calories and does have fat-burning qualities. Drinking just one cup of coffee per day can temporarily increase your metabolism by 15 percent, which will make you burn more calories throughout the day. Additional research suggests that caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant and drinking coffee will ward off hunger in the short-term.

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