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Recyclable cups

Strong Vend is providing an environmentally friendly solution to the use of plastic and wax coated paper cups that are thrown away every day across the UK.

Not all paper cups can be recycled, most have a thin wax coating on the inside to stop the paper from disintegrating. This wax coating makes recycling out of the question. This has a huge impact on waste to landfill and is totally unnecessary. Strong Vend can provide UK businesses with fully recyclable, environmentally friendly beverage cups.

Unlike their polystyrene and waxed counterparts, which do not break down easily, Strong Vend’s polycoated hot drink paper cups are made from wet-strength high quality paper fibre. The thin coating of polyethylene prevents the drink from soaking through the paper but makes up less that 5% of the cup’s overall mass and can be easily removed during the recycling process.

Since the introduction of the recyclable cups to the product line in May 2006, Strong Vend has supplied UK workplaces with over 3.5 million of them, making these cups the perfect solution for companies wanting to reduction their carbon footprint and move to a greener office environment.

Strong Vend offers a wide range of recyclable goods to supplement its recyclable cups: our unique recyclable sip-through dome lids, and wooden coffee stirrers can be pulped down and made into something else after use in much the same way as the cups.

Strong Vend aims to supply as many work places as possible with the eco-friendly paper cup, helping to cut waste to landfill, reducing a company’s carbon footprint and benefitting the environment for us all.

Each paper cup can be customised with brand logos as well, making them perfect for events as well as everyday office use.