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Aequator bean to cup coffee machines

London’s leading distributor of bean to cup coffee machines add the Aequator Guatemala 14 and Aequator Milk Module to their online coffee offering.

Strong Vend are proud to announce some new additions to our online Bean to Cup Coffee range as we officially showcase and offer the Aequator Guatemala 14 and Aequator Milk Module to all businesses across London seeking a first class office vending solution.

The Guatemala 14 is the latest Aequator model to be included on the website, which is a high performance, compact and fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine, which is ideal for working office environments where you need quick and great tasting coffee at the touch of a button. The machine produces a variety of your favourite coffees including Espresso’s, frothy Cappuccino’s, creamy Café Latte’s as well as a variety of decaffeinated options enabling this machine to cater for the whole office. The bean hopper also produces 200 cups of coffee when full, so you know this machine will last your workforce throughout the working day.

We now also supply the Aequator Milk Module which comes as an accessory for the Aequator Honduras bean to cup coffee machine. The milk module provides fresh milk rather than powdered milk to the Honduras, enabling you to create the perfect cup of speciality coffee in next to no time.

We have also added a few more accessories to our range and they come in the shape of our new magnetic cup dispensers and new floral tea stands. The magnetic cup dispenser is a smart and convenient accessory for your office water cooler, keeping plastic cups at an arm’s length whilst ensuring they are kept clean and hygienic.

Finally, the new Twinings floral tea stands and 6 quart stepped condiment holder have been added to the existing range of tea stands which sit comfortably within your kitchen or dining area and help your workforce to quickly and effortlessly make great tasting tea or coffee.