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Renting VS leasing an office coffee machine: Which one is the better option?

There are different steps involved in looking for an office coffee machine.

Step: 1

You gather information related to different coffee systems.

Step: 2

You compare different coffee systems such as bean to cup coffee machine VS capsule coffee machine to know which one is the most suitable for your office.

Step: 3

After deciding the coffee system, you select the perfect coffee machine for your office within your chosen coffee system.

Step: 4

The last step is to decide whether you should buy, rent or lease an office coffee machine.

It is to be noted that buying a high-quality office coffee machine is a costly investment. Buying an office machine means you have to pay the price instantly. If your company has limited funds and therefore, you cannot purchase a high-quality coffee machine immediately for your office, then you should think about either renting or leasing a good coffee machine for your office.

Renting a coffee machine – Explanation

When you rent a coffee machine, you are required to pay rent to the  coffee machine supplier every month for using the coffee machine. It is to be noted that you rent a coffee machine for a predetermined period of time, but you still have the choice to extend your agreement if you are 100% satisfied with the services of coffee machine supplier.

Benefits of renting a coffee machine

  1. When you rent a coffee machine you have three choices:
  • To replace the coffee at any stage
  • To return your coffee machine
  • To buy a new coffee machine leaving the rental machine
  1. A large number of companies that offer rental coffee machines provide free machine installation and maintenance services to clients. If your rented coffee machine breaks down, then workers of the rental company come to you to repair it. In short, we can say that renting a coffee machine is cost-effective.
  1. You can easily plan your budget because you are aware of the payment period and also the price/rent.

Leasing a coffee machine – Explanation

The idea of leasing a coffee machine is somewhat similar to renting a coffee machine. The major difference between the two concepts is that in leasing at the end of predefined period you have the choice to become the owner of the coffee machine by paying remaining value of the machine.

Benefits of leasing a coffee machine

  1. Leasing is an excellent way to buy new equipment
  2. When you lease a coffee machine, you get to know all the pros and cons of the coffee machine which help you decide whether you should buy the machine or not.
  3. When you buy a coffee machine, you have to pay the price at once. While when you lease a coffee machine you pay monthly instalments. It means leasing a coffee machine help you save the money for other business related investments.
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