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Office Coffee Vending Machines

We provide coffee vending machines, perfect for the office!

Do you or your staff enjoy aromatic, freshly roasted coffee? Why rush to the coffee shop before work or on your lunch break when you can have a machine ready at the push of a button right there beside you. Save time and money while getting the kick you need to keep you going on those busy Monday mornings, or mid week lows. Our Coffee Vending Machines are the ideal solution for great tasting coffee in the office.

A look at one of our Office Coffee Vending Machines:

Aequator Rio 14 with Fresh Milk Module

The Aequator Rio 14 with stainless steel front door offering a full range of speciality coffees all made with fresh milk, including both black and white coffees, as well as frothy cappuccinos.

This machine is able to dispense two coffees as it is fitted with a split hopper and twin grinders, so you are able to select from either a mid-range coffee bean and a decaffeinated bean or a mid-range coffee bean and possibly a more full bodied coffee bean to give a fuller and smoother taste. This machine truly offers the coffee house experience in your office.

The Aequator Rio 14 is the ideal coffee vending machine for working offices and meeting rooms when you want to offer a selection of great tasting coffees. This coffee system will produce a range of speciality coffees at the push of a button using fresh milk to give that coffee house experience.

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    Office Coffee Vending Machines

    Coffee Vending Machines

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