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Everyone’s addicted to it- coffee. It crops up all over the place. It’s even inspired great music! Here’s our collection of the top 10 coffee songs, in association with Strong Vend coffee machines.girls-aloud10. Sexy, No, No, No- Girls Aloud: “Get him out for coffee, hell yeah!” The girls exclaim in yet another dance floor hit.
dolly-parton9. Nine to Five- Dolly Parton: So it’s not strictly coffee she’s sipping, but she does pour herself “a cup of ambition.”
mc-lyte8. Cappuccino- MC Lyte: MC Lyte’s rap is a tale of hindsight about a man who sees great cappuccinos being advertised in a cafe so he goes in to get one and finds himself in the middle of a drugs raid. He is mortally wounded in a shoot-out, despairing in the chorus: “Why, oh why did I need cappuccino?”
bob-dylan7. One More Cup of Coffee- Bob Dylan: This song, which has been covered by the White Stripes, was said to be inspired by a meeting with the King of the Gypsies, who turned out to just be an ordinary man living in a trailer.
take-that6. Back for Good- Take That: “Got your lipstick marks still on your coffee cup,” The song that made millions of teenage (and not so teenage) girls swoon!
supersister5. Coffee- Supersister: A cheeky play on the idea of ‘coming up for coffee,’ the song was released in 2000 by the all-girl trio (not to be confused with the Dutch 60s band Supersister).
all-saints4. Black Coffee- All Saints: The clue’s in the title on the female foursome’s 2000 hit single.
drops-of-jupiter3. Drops of Jupiter- Train: Whilst the reference to coffee is only small: “The best soy latte that you ever had, and me;” the song is so well loved that we have given it the number 3 position.
suzanne-vega2. Tom’s Diner- Suzanne Vega: The song, which has be released, remixed and re-released several times in the last couple of decades, centres around a woman sitting at the counter in a diner and trying to get a decent cup of coffee: “I am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee and he fills it only halfway and before I even argue he is looking out the window at somebody coming in.”
blur1. Coffee and TV- Blur: Britain’s foremost indie band sings about the perfect cure for modern life.
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