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Complimentary office coffee may be a simple pleasure, but it is one that the workforce depends on. There has been much scientific research to prove that the caffeine found in coffee fires your brain, keeps you focused and improves overall performance. Seemingly the proverbial coffee pot has also assumed the role of the office water cooler by keeping bleary-eyed workers hydrated and suitably revved up throughout the day.

Discover what the workforce needs from their bean to cup coffee machine:


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the office first thing in the morning is a welcome pleasure, but it is actual taste that is crucial to the discerning coffee-drinker seeking their daily fix. Coffee connoisseurs swear by bean to cup coffee machines for good reason; the fresh beans are ground on the spot for a more intense and richer flavour. Strong Vend’s fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines offer a range of machines catering to all tastes; each machine features two separate coffee bean grinders to offer both regular and decaffeinated options and there are also options with attachable fridge modules to enable fresh milk to be used in all hot beverages.


The caffeinated workforce wants instant gratification from their bean to cup coffee machine. Whilst there are a few who spend far too much time masterfully pouring milk into their coffee to create visually-stunning steamed-milk designs (also known as latte art), most workers simply want to quickly grab their freshly-brewed pick-me-up and head straight back to their desks to get on with their day.


High-performance bean to cup machines must offer an impressive array of options to let workers unleash their inner barista. Expectations include both standard and decaffeinated coffee beans in addition to a range of coffee styles; simple black coffee, potent espresso, frothy cappuccino, creamy café latte and more. Workers want choice; ideally a machine complete with a boiling water function for tea and delicious continental hot-chocolate drinks.

Ease of use

Whilst they may not be fully-trained professional baristas, the workforce want the real deal; a simple-to-use bean to cup coffee machine that requires pouring in beans, pressing a button and waiting while it pumps out a delicious brew. Long gone are the days of waiting for the kettle to boil, washing out dirty ground coffee filters and grinding the coffee beans separately.

Coffee beans


Dedicated – coffee breaks™ promote a positive workforce culture. Placing the bean to cup coffee machine in an easily-accessible location – either in the kitchen, reception area, or designated beverage room – provides workers with a legitimate reason to leave their desks, clear their heads and a take a deserved break from work. For some workers, the coffee break is one of the few times that they are able to leave their workstations to have a quick catch-up with colleagues and form friendships with co-workers.


Cutting out the trip to the local café or coffee shop at approximately £2.50 a shot is a definite money-saving benefit for workers. Based on drinking two cups of coffee every day, workers might expect to save around £1200 a year by taking advantage of their in-office bean to cup coffee machine that dispenses at the touch of a button. For free.