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Keeping your workplace full of beans: The office manager’s debate – Part 1

For some office managers, keeping staff satisfied means piling on the freebies; from blow-the-budget corporate away days and complimentary gym memberships to free dry-cleaning and on-site pampering treatments.

But for most, it’s the little perks that keep people happy. Our experts at Strong Vend believe that something as simple as a bean to cup coffee machine delivering cups of superb steaming java is a much-cherished benefit.

Discover what an office manager looks for in their bean to cup coffee machine:



Bean to cup coffee machines are the piece de resistance for the caffeinated workforce. Placed in an easily-accessible location to enable workers to quickly grab their vital pick-me-up and head straight back to their desks to continue working, they are convenient and time-saving; workers are far less likely to leave the premises each time they need a caffeine hit. Savvy office managers are likely to select a machine that is hassle-free, simple-to-use and energy-efficient.


Office managers want optimal performance from their bean to cup coffee machine. It is their responsibility to ensure that the installation of a machine is carried out by qualified technicians and also to secure a regular maintenance and cleaning plan. Should any faults occur, office managers require a speedy diagnosis and subsequent repair plan. Strong Vend’s Fully Managed Service offers a rapid response promise to any service requirement.


Waiting for a tiny machine to churn out 60 pick-me-ups is a waste of company time and money. Strategic office managers will budget for a bean to cup coffee machine best suited to their company size. Larger businesses will seek out a high-performance machine that provides more brewing capacity such as the Aequator Guatemala 14 – a compact and fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine complete with two coffee grinders (offering both standard and decaffeinated coffee beans) and a selection of functions to create a range of hot drinks at the push of a button with a large capacity when fully stocked.


The in-office bean to cup coffee machine is fast becoming one of the most relied on pieces of office equipment. Investing in a high-performing machine that that won’t break down on a daily basis is crucial for forward-thinking office managers. Strong Vend’s bean to cup coffee machines can easily accommodate hundreds of cups of freshly-brewed java daily so long as the units are cleaned and filled regularly.


Office managers can please a diverse crowd by providing a bean to cup machine that caters for all tastes and coffee styles; from espresso, cappuccino and latte to flat white, long black and macchiato. Having managed to ditch the kettle and avoid budget coffee granules and long-life milk capsules at all costs, it is essential that office managers choose a machine that brews effortless outstanding cafe-quality coffee in an instant.

Cost effective

If there is one splurge that every company needs to make for its employees it should be coffee. Most budget-conscious office managers will consider their bean to cup coffee machine to be a cost effective tool in keeping their workforce productive. Overall, complimentary coffee machines save company time as staff are less likely to leave the premises, walk to the local café and buy their own coffee – a ritual that could occur several times throughout the day. Management are most likely to invest in a multi-functional high-performing machine that does not wind up as an office gizmo that nobody uses.

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