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Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

With over 400 billion cups being consumed worldwide each year, it’s hard to get away from the world’s most popular drink. Coffee is part of everyday office life in the UK! Whether it’s for a quick buzz before a meeting or a chance to get up and walk around to provide relief from your work, a cup of coffee is anticipated and appreciated by working adults everywhere.

Over and above the benefits of drinking coffee for health or stimulation, there are significant benefits of having a coffee machine in the office itself!

From a practical perspective, an in-house machine saves employees money and valuable time as the average coffee run to a local coffee chain or cafe takes 24 minutes, time that could be used more productively in the office. It also acts as a goal for employees to reward themselves, motivating the office workforce. Coffee is a very quick and easy pick-me-up in times of stress or demoralisation, enabling employees to refresh and proceed with their work with a buzz of energy and positivity.

From a social viewpoint, congregating around the coffee machine incites communication between colleagues and opportunity to interact with company members from other departments. Small talk over tea and coffee making activities can help establish relationships between employees and as a result build stronger, better teamwork and increase productivity.

Taking time out to make a hot drink provides a break from sitting at your desk and a chance to walk around and stimulate blood circulation to the brain. A short break allows an employee’s mind to be distracted from their tasks temporarily so that they are able to gather their thoughts before returning to work. Interaction with others can spark creativity and cross-fertilisation of ideas which in turn can bring about benefit for the company. Open communication around an office allows smoother operations for business and greater awareness of what’s going on among employees.

Investing in a bean-to-coffee-cup machine is key to maintaining enthusiasm, satisfaction and productive energy around the office, so add to the 70 million other cups of coffee being drunk in the UK each day but installing a coffee-machine at work.

If you want to boost the productivity of your team, then check out our coffee vending machines for more information.