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The survey, carried out by Insight Express, an independent market research firm, found that over 46% of workers left the office for a single reason, to get a good-quality cup of coffee and 48% reported that coffee was not available at the office at all.



Having half of the workforce leave the office to purchase hot drinks at various points throughout the day is hugely detrimental to productivity- a fifteen minute trip to a local coffee shop amounts to over two days out of the office per year just getting coffee!

Providing staff with one of Strong Vend’s gourmet coffee machines within the office could help to significantly increase worker productivity.

Socialising for a few minutes during an in-office coffee break can also help to boost staff morale.

The average coffee from any one of the coffee shop chains costs over £2 for a standard sized cup.


By installing one of Strong Vend’s bean to cup coffee machines within the office, staff could save themselves over £520 per year and your business will reap the rewards- increased productivity, motivated and happy staff, making for a pleasant and thriving working environment.

Strong Vend’s Steven Booth said, “Effectively staff get a pay rise when the employer gets a quality coffee machine, they could give themselves a £520 pay increase per year, not too bad in these credit crunch times”

Strong Vend has a wide range of different coffee and hot beverage machines to suit any size of business as well as can machines, water coolers and snack vending systems.