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Brita Purity Water Filters

The Brita Purity Water Filters (C500 & C300) are fitted to all mains water plumbed drinks machines supplied by Strong Vend. This ensures that the reliability of the equipment is improved due to the scale reduction and more importantly the removal of undesirable taste taints and odours via the filtration. This ensures customers receive top quality drinks at all times and this is noticeable especially with tea.

Who is it for
All mains water plumbed drinks machines, boilers and some water coolers are fitted with a Brita Professional Purity Filter which ensures that all drinks are made with quality filtered water.
Product Features
  • Faults caused by limescale from mains water supply are reduced, thus decreasing the cost of vending machine running and servicing.
  • Coffee, espresso and tea develop a perfect aroma and flavour thanks to the better water quality being used.
  • No taste taints caused by limescale residues.
  • More appetising appearance of all drinks.
  • Accompanies a range of coffee machines and vending machines perfectly
What does it dispense

Ensures quality filtered water is dispensed

Customisation Options

Available in Grey with Blue Head. 

Filters are connected to mains water by a team of fully trained Engineers and then to the equipment that it has to service.

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