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Bravilor HWA20, 40 & 70

The HWA20 , 40 and 70 come in a range of sizes from the entry level HWA20 which is able to dispense 3 litres of hot water up to the larger HWA40 and HWA 70, which are able to dispense 4 and 7 litres respectively, which is ideal to allow large flasks to be filled for board/meeting rooms. These boilers are the ideal way of providing Brita filtered hot water for making tea and any other hot drinks.

Who is it for

These models will fit into any environment from warehouse canteens to the smartest office kitchen offering Brita filtered hot water for either catering staff or individuals to fill their own cups or mugs.

Product Features
  • Dispenses large quantities of hot water quickly.
  • Brita filtered hot water ready at all times.
  • Small and large models available.
  • Saves time and safely delivers hot water.
What does it dispense
It dispenses Brita filtered hot water at the required temperature enabling tea to be made.
Customisation Options
All the models are available in Stainless Steel with the HWA 40 and HWA 70 having an anthracite button panel on the front of the machine, which includes a temperature indicator light and a descale indicator.

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