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ArcticChill 88

HIGH CAPACITY DIRECT CHILL At an influent water temperature of 16ºC the ArcticChill 88 offers an Immediate Draw Off of 120 cups below 12ºC with an Hourly Capacity of 40 litres. The ArcticChill 88 is equipped with the new FloodGuard safety device which stops any leak from a Mains Fed Cooler before it becomes a disaster!

Who is it for

A Direct Chill/Pressure Cooler with the cooling capacity you want and the improved Hygiene you are looking for.

Product Features

The ArcticChill 88 is a closed system Direct Chill/Pressure Cooler which avoids bacterial contamination of the water from the air.
Dimensions and Weight
Floor Standing: Height 1180mm – Width 340mm – Depth 340mm – Weight 25kg

Table Top: Height 460mm – Width 340mm – Depth 340mm – Weight 16kg

  • High Capacity Chill At 40 litres per hour with 120 cups immediate draw off, all below 12ºC
  • Drip Tray:- Lift out design which can be connected to mains drainage, High impact durable plastic. Removable anti splash grid.
  • Filters Mains Connected:- (POU) Coolers will be fitted with an inline water filter.
  • Condensor Floor Standing Cooler: Quiet, Static Condensor, Air Cooled Table Top Cooler:- Quiet, Fan Assisted Condensor.
  • Power Supply:- 220 Volt, 50/60Hz. Provided with a 3 pin plug and 180cm power cord.
What does it dispense

Chilled and ambient filtered water at the press of a button as required into your cup.

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