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Water Coolers, Hot Water Boilers & Water Filters

Chilled, boiled and filtered water in your office.

Ideal when creating a large number of hot drinks within a short space of time.

Hot water is instantly dispensed in to a flask; ideal for board and meeting rooms.

Our range of Bravilor hot water boilers are able to dispense 3-7 litres of hot water instantly.

Contemporary water system for the 21st century office.

Plumbed into the mains water supply; offering freshly filtered, ice cold & ambient water.

Small footprint with an exceptionally high dispensing area. High quality – built to last

HIGH CAPACITY DIRECT CHILL 40 litres per hour High Capacity Direct Chill Cooler with FloodGuard.

The Arctic Star 55 is one of our Premier machines, it’s modest design will fit into any environment with ease.

Filtered water system designed specifically for use with vending and coffee machines.

Available only for water coolers; the ideal solution for working offices in London.

Get Great Tasting Coffee in Your Workplace