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Who is it for?

There is a machine in this range that will satisfy every client need, where a range of chilled cans are required. Whether for a smaller workforce or the very largest. These versatile machines are able to reliably dispense chilled can after can at the push of a button.

Product features

  • Narrow Stack offers fast setup.
  • For additional time-savings at product setup, the vend mechanisms are self-priming.
  • Reinforced top hinge plate with deadbolt results in increased security - designed to help prevent vandal attacks.
  • The rugged top retainer ensures consistent product alignment every single time.
  • The Narrow Stack refrigeration system provides superior cooling performance while using less energy.
  • The Narrow Stack hopper is designed for easy access to vended packages whilst being theft proof.
  • Attractive, well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal.
  • User friendly interface with lights informing customers drinks products availability status.
  • What does it dispense?

  • This machine is incredibly versatile and is able to dispense virtually any shape of can and allow for individual pricing.
  • Customisation options

    Front Door is in Black and the cabinet of the machine is Black.

    The machine can be fitted with a Mars change giving coin mechanism, which enables a selection of prices to be available and there is no worry regarding the user having the correct change, as the machine will give change.