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Who is it for?

This smart compact machine will fit into any environment and this machine is able to pass through a 32" standard doorway. Ideally suited for staff and visitors who require access to fresh food, dairy products and fresh fruit.

Product features

8 Drum model perfect for front-facing sandwiches.
Machine temperature maintained between 3 & 5°C in even the hottest external conditions.
Intelligent merchandising - ensures drums are automatically positioned to show the maximum number of products.
Intelligent loading records date of stocking and monitors shelf life to ensure only fresh items are vended.

  • Drums can be locked off for 'out-of-hours' use - perfect for night shifts.
  • FIFO (first in/first out) selection system to ensure products are dispensed in order of loading (programmable).
  • Power vend door reduces risk of vandalism and product tampering (safety feature also ensures hands cannot be accidentally trapped).
  • Illumination from both sides for attractive product presentation.
  • What does it dispense?

  • This machine is incredibly versatile and is able to offer a range of fresh perishable foods, cans, tetra packs, yogurts and dairy products, together with sandwiches, baguettes and wraps, in fact, any refrigerated foods up to plated meals which can be microwaved to temperature.
  • Customisation options

    Front Door is available in Black only. The cabinet of the machine is Black.

    The machine can be fitted with a Mars change giving coin mechanism which enables a selection of prices to be available and there is no worry regarding the user having the correct change, as the machine will give change. The machine is incredibly versatile and you are able to adjust the size of each tray to enable you to vend individual items or plated meals, should the need arise. The drums can offer 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 or 48 compartments, so from the very small item up to a full plated meal.