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Sigma Simplicity

Sigma Simplicity Automatic Drinks Machine which is available as an instant machine, a single Freshbrew machine for PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea or a double Freshbrew machine for PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea and Freshbrew Lavazza Coffee.

These machines are available as a Hot only or as a Hot and Cold offering two still chilled flavoured drinks, together with chilled still and sparkling water. This machine offers Espresso, Lavazza Prontissimo Classico Freeze Dried Coffee and Van Houten Continental Drinking Chocolate. This machine can also offer Taste Inspiration soups.

Who is it for
The Sigma Simplicity is the automatic choice for any area within your business that wants a top quality hot, or hot and cold fully automatic drinks machine. Its smart appearance means it will enhance any environment with its sleek looks and touch sensitive selection panel.
Product Features


  • Using innovative pulsing technology, the Sigma brewer blends ingredients to perfection, the result; a beverage that rivals those made in a high-pressure espresso system.
  • Simple menu-driven programming and clear ingredient canisters mean the Sigma is hygienic, easy to fill, clean and maintain.
  • Choice of contemporary back-lit graphics. Enhance your Sigma with a design that incorporates your logo or message and stand out from the crowd.
  • Cash, cashless or free vend or why not choose cash and cashless from the same machine?
  • Optional integrated sip-lid compartment, the ultimate ‘coffee-to-go’ accessory.
  • Large ingredient canisters need filling less often.
  • 550 cup capacity, keeps on serving when others run out. Dependant on cup size. Height: 1830mm Width: 710mm Depth: 695mm (excluding 100mm from back wall).
  • Direct selection or multi-choice touch sensitive menus.
  • Choose from 7oz (199ml), 9oz (256ml) ‘Ready 2 Vend’ paper cups.



What does it dispense
  • This machine offers a range of top quality drinks, which includes PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea, Freshbrew Lavazza Coffee, Lavazza Prontissimo Classico Freeze Dried Coffee, frothy cappuccinos and creamy lattes together with Van Houten Continental Drinking Chocolate and a range of Taste Inspiration soups. This machine is also available with a chiller unit for still and sparkling drinks.
Customisation Options

Front Door available in High Gloss Black Finish or Lavazza branded wrap. The cabinet of the machine is Black. 

We are able to fit a Mars change giving coin mechanism to the machine which makes charging for the drinks simple as the user does not have to worry about loose change they have. 

Café style drinks with clear drink descriptions, the ability to add milk and sugar and also to vary the strength. Should cold drinks be required a chiller can be fitted which uses Royal Syrup with added vitamin C. 

Why not add a card reader, which includes:- Chip, Chip & Pin, Apple Pay & Android Pay.

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