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The AA Water Filters are ideal for water coolers where there is no space to fit the larger Brita Water Filter and ensures quality drinking water and more importantly the removal of undesirable taste taints and odours via the filtration. This ensures customers receive top quality water from their cooler at all times.

AA Water Filters

Who is it for?

All mains plumbed water coolers which ensures that you receive quality filtered water.

Product features

Removes 95% of solids above 1 micron and creates a barrier to Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other Cysts. Removes the taste, smell and small particles in the mains supply.

What does it dispense?

  • Ensures quality filtered water is dispensed
  • Customisation options

    Fitted via brackets to the back of the water cooler.

    Filters are connected to mains water by a team of fully trained Engineers and then to the water cooler.