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Who is it for?

All mains water plumbed drinks machines, boilers and some water coolers are fitted with a Brita Professional Purity Filter which ensures that all drinks are made with quality filtered water.

Product features

  • Faults caused by limescale from mains water supply are reduced, thus decreasing the cost of vending machine running and servicing.
  • Coffee, espresso and tea develop a perfect aroma and flavour thanks to the better water quality being used.
  • No taste taints caused by limescale residues.
  • More appetising appearance of all drinks.
  • Accompanies a range of coffee machines and vending machines perfectly
  • What does it dispense?

  • Ensures quality filtered water is dispensed
  • Customisation options

    Available in Grey with Blue Head.

    Filters are connected to mains water by a team of fully trained Engineers and then to the equipment that it has to service.