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Who is it for?

These models will fit into any environment from warehouses to the smartest office or kitchen offering Brita filtered chilled and ambient water at the touch of a button ensuring your staff always have a quality drinking water supply 'on tap' at all times.

Product features

  • Floor standing or table top models available.
  • Robust and modern design - ideal for the modern office.
  • The push type water taps are made from high impact durable ABS for durability and easy cleaning/maintenance.
  • Ultra quiet refrigeration system - air-cooled static-type condenser with no fan required. Protected against motor overload and hermetically sealed.
  • Removable anti-splash grid.
  • What does it dispense?

  • It dispenses Brita filtered chilled and ambient water at the press of a button as required into your cup.
  • Customisation options

    This machine is available in anthracite