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Who is it for?

This is ideally suited for warehouses, engineering workshops and the like, hospitals, sports facilities and clubs in fact anywhere a complete drink has to be dispensed at the push of a button, which includes cups, sugar and milk.

Product features

Large 530 cup capacity - Alternatively the no-cup option allows customer to use their own cup or mug.
Offers both bean to cup coffee and instant fresh brew coffee and tea.
Drinks that taste "like they do at home" with adjustable ingredient (I.e. coffee) strength, whitener and sugar levels.
Large variety of hot and cold drink options available.

  • Easy fit graphics panel enabling machine customisation and branding.
  • Extremely energy efficient management system.
  • Compact space saving free-standing design - ideal for a variety of office environments.
  • Brita filter kit removes any worries about mains water quality.
  • Up to two chilled still or sparkling flavoured drinks.
  • Total financial control - Compatible with coin operation and cashless systems.
  • Café style drinks menu with clear drink descriptions.
  • Ingredient pulsing ensures consistent mixing and optimum drink quality.
  • Optional hot water rinse hose - routine cleaning made simple.
  • What does it dispense?

  • This machine offers a range of top quality drinks which includes PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea, Lavazza Prontissimo Classico Freeze Dried Coffee, frothy cappuccinos and creamy lattes together with Van Houten Continental Drinking Chocolate and a range of Taste Inspiration soups. We are able to offer the drinks served in either a 7oz (199ml) or 9oz (256ml) plastic or 'Ready 2 Vend' paper cups.
  • Customisation options

    Front Door available in High Gloss Black Finish or Silver. The cabinet of the machine is Black.

    We are able to fit a Mars change giving coin mechanism to the machine which makes charging for the drinks simple, as the user is able to not worry about what loose change they have. Café style drinks with clear drink descriptions, the ability to add milk and sugar and also to vary the strength. Should cold drinks be required a chiller can be fitted which uses Royal Syrup with added vitamin C.