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The ‘Nova Instant’ is the most diverse instant coffee machine on today’s market, which is great for environments where different tastes and consumption patterns apply. The machine can boast 4 or 5 containers which produce instant products at a quick rate, including coffee, chocolate and cappuccino, which can all be prepared in a matter of seconds. The ‘Nova Instant’ is truly the best option for busy working environments.

Who is it for?

This machine will offer a large variety of drinks in a very small footprint. Ideal for the smallest kitchen and where speed and quietness is of the essence.

Product features

  • 4 or 5 instant containers for quick and great tasting coffee.
  • Standard Light box and optional photo frame.
  • Wide variety of alternatives with 12 hard key selection buttons.
  • Regulate the strength of your coffee.
  • Drip tray sensor and empty indicator.
  • Jug facility.
  • Various Cup sizes and dispensing heights.
  • LCD display for instructions, error messages and counters.
  • What does it dispense?

  • This machine produces a large range of drinks which includes tea, coffee, chocolate, frothy cappuccinos, creamy latte and a short strong shot of espresso.
  • Customisation options

    A maximum of 12 drinks selections. Strength buttons, a drip tray sensor and empty indicator. Jug facility available together with being able to offer various cup sizes and dispensing heights. This machine lends itself to coin operation should this be required.