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The ‘Nova Freshbrew Paper’ is the ideal machine for those who love the taste of freshly ground coffee or freshly brewed tea. The machine is quick and easy to use, making it ideal for any office or catering environment. As well as great tasting coffee, the ‘Nova’ can serve hot chocolate, café crème, cappuccino and even soup. This machine also provides you with caffeine free coffee alternative, which truly makes a great alternative for all coffee lovers.

Who is it for?

This machine is ideal for anyone who has a need to produce delicious freshbrew coffee or tea at the push of a button.

Product features

  • Single or Double fresh brews.
  • Light box or optional photo frame.
  • Wide variety of alternatives with 12 hard key selection buttons.
  • Regulate the strength of your coffee.
  • Drip tray sensor and empty indicator.
  • Jug facility.
  • Various Cup sizes and dispensing heights.
  • Compatible with coin operation and cashless systems.
  • What does it dispense?

  • Ideal as an automatic drinks dispenser for cups and/or jugs of delicious freshbrew coffee at the push of a button. This machine can be used to produce PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea and Van Houten Continental Drinking Chocolate.
  • Customisation options

    Black Button Plate and Stainless Steel Door.

    A choice of freshbrew coffee, freshbrew decaffeinated coffee by the cup or by the jug or PG Tips Freshbrew Leaf Tea by the cup or jug together with Van Houten Continental Drinking Chocolate.