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Bravilor TH & THA

The Bravilor TH & *THA Freshbrew Filter Coffee Machine is a smart, fast filling, freshbrew filter coffee machine which takes only minutes to brew coffee straight into a Thermos Jug or Airpot, making it ideal for the preparation of delicious freshbrew coffee for your meeting rooms. The coffee stays fresh all day and therefore allows for catering staff to prepare in advance coffee for the meeting rooms.

Who is it for
Ideal for coffee preparation in advance for meeting rooms and/or boardrooms
Product Features
  • Specialist airpot delivering beautifully fresh tasting coffee every time. The Bravilor Airpots guarantee an optimal coffee quality for a long period.
  • Robust and quality appearance means it is suitable for almost any environment.
  • Equipped with a “coffee-is-ready” signal and a descale indicator for increased ease of operation.
  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Ideal solution for when you need filter coffee by the jug for meetings or other office situations.
  • The smart and stylish design means this machine will fit into any meeting room or boardroom.
  • The Thermos Airpots keep the coffee hot and fresh for up to 8 hours.
  • *Also available as a plumbed in option – ‘THA’
  • Connected to mains water via a Britta water filter.
What does it dispense
Delicious freshbrew filter coffee brewed directly into a Thermos Jug or Airpot.
Customisation Options
Stainless Steel.

Choice of coffees can be used in portion controlled packets which ensures the same quality coffee kept fresh all day long.

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