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Bravilor Mondo

The Bravilor Mondo Freshbrew Filter Coffee Machine is a smart, fast filling, freshbrew filter coffee machine which takes only minutes to fill a 3 pint jug. This machine is ideal for the office and for the preparation of jugs of coffee for your meeting rooms.

Who is it for
Ideal for the smaller office or department and is quiet and unobtrusive so can be sited anywhere within an office.
Product Features
  • Delicious tasting freshly filtered coffee.
  • Robust and top quality appearance.
  • Equipped with a “coffee-is-ready” signal and a descale indicator making maintenance easier than ever.
  • Intelligent coffee consistency system: The automatic self-regulating hot plates will re-adjust the temperature according to the amount of coffee in the decanter.
  • User friendly and low maintenance.
What does it dispense
Delicious freshbrew filter coffee by the jug.
Customisation Options
Stainless Steel.

Choice of coffees can be used in portion controlled packets which ensures the same quality coffee time after time.

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Get Great Tasting Coffee in Your Workplace