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Snackpoint Trio

The Snackpoint Trio offers a selection of 6 snacks, 6 confectionery lines and 18 canned and bottled drinks which makes available a total of 30 individual selections. These selections can be varied by adjusting shelves within the machine to take different items. This small compact machine, if required, can be supplied as a snack and confectionery merchandiser.

Who is it for
Any office environment that requires a smart and stylish snack and confectionery/can and bottle merchandiser or a snack and confectionery merchandiser. This small machine is able to fit into the smallest office space but still offers great choice and capacity.
Product Features
  • Extra large glass area ensuring all products are easily visible.
  • Dual or single temperature zones for product versatility.
  • Product dispensed or money back guarantee.
  • Innovative revolving delivery pocket.
  • Choose from cash, cashless or free-vend payment mechanisms.
  • Near-silent, slide-out refrigeration system (easy to service and maintain).
  • Health control for fresh food and perishables.
What does it dispense
This machine is incredibly versatile and is able to offer a range of bagged snacks and crisps, your favourite confectionery bars and sweets, together with a full range of cans and bottles.
Customisation Options

We are able to fit a Mars change giving coin mechanism to the machine which makes charging for the selections simple as the user does not have to worry about loose change they have. The machine is fitted with a reliable and efficient chiller which ensures your drinks, cans or bottles, are received nicely chilled and as this is a dual temperature machine the confectionery, bagged snacks and crisps are kept cool.

Why not add a card reader, which includes:- Chip, Chip & Pin, Apple Pay & Android Pay.

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