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Crane Bevmax 4

The Bevmax 4 is available in 2 sizes. The standard 35 selection machine which is ideally suited for the smaller location, offering 7 products wide with a depth of 9 bottles for standard 500ml PET bottles and has 5 trays offering a total capacity of 315 500ml PET bottles, or the larger 45 selection machine which is 9 products wide and has a depth of 9 bottles, for the standard 500ml PET bottles and has 5 trays offering a total capacity of 405 500ml PET bottles.
Who is it for
This smart and stylish machine with its large well lit glass display is ideal for anybody wishing to offer a full range of cans and bottles. The machine is able to dispense any shape of bottle or can quickly and efficiently giving a high capacity. Ideal for any public site or semi-public site, leisure centres, schools, canteens and restaurants where a smart display is required.
Product Features
  • A++ Energy Efficiency rating.
  • Ability to vend 500ml bottles on all trays.
  • “Fail Safe” ramp design.
  • Tall product pushers to reduce risk of product tipping.
  • Adjustable trays.
  • Vandal resistant delivery port.
What does it dispense
This machine is incredibly versatile and is able to dispense virtually any shape of 500ml bottle or can. All the cans and bottles are displayed in its well lit glass fronted cabinet.
Customisation Options
Front Door is available in Black and Silver. The cabinet of the machine is Black.

The machine can be fitted with a Mars change giving coin mechanism which enables a selection of prices to be available and there is no worry regarding the user having the correct change, as the machine will give change. The item is collected by the robot arm and is delivered to the dispense area, which gives theatre to the point of dispense.

Why not add a card reader, which includes:- Chip, Chip & Pin, Apple Pay & Android Pay

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