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Aequator Honduras With Fresh Milk Module

The Aequator Honduras with Fresh Milk Module is the ultimate bean to cup espresso drinks system which offers a range of speciality coffees made with fresh milk which include creamy latte, frothy cappuccino or a short strong shot of espresso.

This high-performance compact and fully automatic bean to cup espresso drinks system with its own fresh milk module have a refrigeration unit and a fully automatic steam boiler which gives the user high street quality at the press of a button. There is no reason with this machine available for your office that staff should ever complain about not having their favourite coffees available. Hot water is available from the machine for your office tea drinkers.

Who is it for

This machine is ideally suited for coffee drinkers who want the full coffee house experience in their office.

There will be no need to walk out to the coffee shop with these great tasting coffees available.

Product Features

Ingredients: fresh milk, one coffee bean and chocolate:
The Aequator milk module can hold 10 litres of fresh milk.
Electricity: 230 V / 50Hz / 10.5A / 2.4KW
Water: Connection to fresh drinking water supply

  • Height: 810mm
  • Width: 320mm
  • Depth: 560mm
  • Milk module height: 710mm
  • Milk module width: 250mm
  • Milk module depth: 390mm


What does it dispense
  • Black Coffee
  • White Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate
  • CreamiChoc
  • Cafe Latte
  • Hot Water
Customisation Options

The machine can also be fitted with a Mars change giving coin mechanism.

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