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Twinings Speciality Tea Stands

Twinings Tea Stands are available in 2 sizes either as a 2 tier Stand, which is ideal to fit under kitchen cupboards or the taller 4 tier Stand. Both raise the tea boxes off the surface so any spillage will not damage the tea bags.

Who is it for
Anywhere Twinings Speciality Tea Bags are being used.
Product Features
Smart & clean designs enable customers to store their speciality teas in a stylish and professional way.
Fully branded with Twining’s to complement speciality teas.
Ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms and other locations where you want to make the right impression.
Variety of options available to suit any office.
Robust and easy to clean metallic finish.
What does it dispense
A range of Twinings tea bags
Customisation Options
Smart silver finish or stylish wooden boxes.

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