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Strong Vend undertook some research to measure how coffee affects the productivity of a London agency during a normal working week.

The purpose of the research was to discover how productivity, mood, performance, anxiety and concentration levels of the London agency team differed through a working week drinking coffee and a week without. Daily surveys were sent out to all participants of the research asking them to detail their performance levels and also disclosing any changes in their behavior. During the research period a number of observations were also made and it became evident that the typical workplace relies on the fuel of coffee to maintain performance.

The study uncovered that productivity levels within the agency team rose by 19% when drinking coffee. After conducting the research we created an infographic to present our findings to the Enviable Workplace company culture blog. You can find full details of the research and custom made infographic on the Enviable Workplace website, or alternatively you can review the infographic below.

There has been much controversy over the effects of caffeine on the human body, however our study proved that participants felt they worked harder with a helping hand from a cup of Joe. Following the research, Cyber-Duck employees started to appreciate their beloved coffee machine that has previously been taken for granted. The study proved that an office coffee machine is essential for the workplace to improve employee performance and boost morale within a working environment.