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Like movies, coffee seems to be a regular feature to our favourite TV shows – here’s our top 10.

10. Friends: Not an episode went by without the show’s stars languishing across the ancient orange sofa and sipping coffee from oversized mugs in Central Perk. The infamous coffee shop provided the perfect backdrop to the entire series.
9. Frasier– As America’s most discerning coffee drinkers, you wouldn’t find Frasier and brother Niles in Starbucks. They preferred the superior quality of Cafe Nervosa every morning.
8. The Sopranos- Everyone’s favourite Italian mafia series- when they weren’t killing each other they were getting coffee.
7. Blackadder III – Take a trip through Georgian London to Mrs Miggins’s Coffee Shop where you can purchase the finest cup of hot water with brown grit in it, unless, by some miracle, your coffee shop has actually started selling coffee.
6. Sex and the City: After the Cosmopolitans comes the coffee- the fabulous foursome were regularly to be found at their favourite uptown coffee shop.
5. The IT Crowd Coffee is a feature of every office, but in this one you’re liable to lose your coffee mug, even if it has got your face printed on the bottom, have hot coffee flung down your front as a practical joke and be forced to surrender the shirt off your back because the ancient coffee lady’s had a little turn and needs to be kept warm.
4. Neighbours Who doesn’t have fond memories of Harold Bishop standing behind the counter in Erinsborough’s only coffee shop, complete with girlie apron and bow tie.
3. Loose Women Four ‘ladies’ of a certain age sitting about, glugging coffee and gossiping- every man’s worst nightmare.
2. Adrian Mole – The Cappuccino Years The BBC adaptation of the bestselling book by Sue Townsend follows the struggling Adrian through an ever more embarrassing series of awkward episodes.
1. Scrubs How would the Sacred Heart’ s doctors and nurses survive eighteen hour shifts without regular trips down to the cafeteria for coffee and chocolate cake?