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At Strong Vend, we have a whole latte love for the superior-tasting brew from our high-performing bean to cup coffee machines. So we were a bit steamed up over the latest bit of coffee industry research published by Caffe Culture, the organisers of the annual trade exhibition that ‘inspires and educate the brightest business minds from the café bar and coffee shop industry’.

Whilst appreciating that this event is truly fabulous for those eager to capitalise on the ever-growing café market in the UK, we were somewhat riled by the company’s recent online entry. “Workplace coffee: is it still bad?” focuses on damning revelations by United Coffee, implying that coffee caterers who supply the workplace market are facing a mighty ‘challenge’ and ‘losing up to a staggering 31 per cent of total sales to the high street’. It also proposed that over half of consumers leaving the workplace to buy coffee stated ‘quality’ as the primary reason for their decision.

Obviously, we realise that not all companies put as much effort to ensure their bean to cup coffee machines brew up delicious freshly ground and brewed gourmet-style coffee. But at Strong Vend, quality coffee is in our DNA. We have always maintained that not only are our bean to cup coffee machines the piece de resistance for workers stuck at their desk for the foreseeable future, but that our flavoursome coffees rival those served in the independent cafés and coffee chains that line our high streets.

In response to Caffe Culture’s exposé, we cite how our java satisfies the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs, how our bean to cup coffee machines clearly benefits the workforce, and how workplace coffee is anything but bad.


We all know how expensive it is to fork out around £2 every day (minimum) on a cappuccino, latte or espresso from our local café or specialist coffee shop. But coffee-loving folk without an office bean to cup coffee machine are driven to do this this up to four times daily. Based on those spending £8 per day in the working week (Monday to Friday), it totals a hefty £2,000 a year. This is as much (or possibly more) than an average annual electricity bill, golf membership, or two-week holiday.


On average, the ‘just quickly popping out to get a coffee’ process takes 20 minutes. This includes walking time, queuing time, and waiting for the barista to prepare your order. Not so ‘quick’ if this occurs four times daily. The average time it takes to leave your desk and grab a much-needed caffeine hit from the office bean to cup coffee machine is a mere one minute. For office management, this substantially reduces the time that employees spend away from their desk and, more importantly, away from the premises.

Fantastic quality:

By selecting a bean to cup machine that caters for all tastes and coffee styles, the workforce can enjoy delectable coffee at the touch of a button. Office managers will invariably want a high-performance machine for their staff that automatically grinds the bean on the spot. At Strong Vend, we offer a range of machines, with most featuring two separate coffee bean grinders to offer both regular and decaffeinated varieties.

Exceptional taste:

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the office is always a welcomed pleasure, but the taste is crucial to the shrewd coffee-drinker. At Strong Vend, we never compromise on quality and are confident that our coffee rules the roast. We only ever use superior artisanal blends for our bean to cup coffee machines, with each coffee supplier carefully selected for its sustainability and overall excellence.

Convenient and less mess:

Positioned in an easily accessible location, a bean to cup coffee machine enables workers to grab their vital pick-me-up and head straight back to their desks to continue working. Most of us have worked somewhere where the messy communal kitchen is nothing short of a disgrace – and often a health hazard. The workplace coffee machine is a non-intrusive piece of equipment that eliminates the need for spilled (or sour) milk and dirty ground coffee filters left on surfaces, and limescale-filled kettles. It also abolishes those narky emails to ‘keep the kitchen tidy’.

Straightforward to use:

Staff will expect a simple-to-use bean to cup coffee machine that requires pouring in beans, pressing a button and waiting just seconds while it pumps out a delicious brew. At Strong Vend, we exceed expectations by offering a range of coffee styles including black coffee, white coffee, potent espresso, frothy cappuccino, creamy café latte, and more. Best of all, our machines are so easy to operate that little or no instruction is required to create the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Nice perk:

Every company needs a strategic reward system in place for its employees. Our experts at Strong Vend believe that something as simple as providing workers with a free-to-use bean to cup coffee machine is a much-cherished benefit. Not only will unlimited cups of superior-quality java keep everyone happy and suitably revved up throughout the day, but also it is an effective way to show your workforce that you care about them. This, like any office freebie, boosts morale and inevitably increases productivity.