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Bravilor TH & THA

The Bravilor TH & THA Freshbrew Filter Coffee Machine is a smart, fast filling, freshbrew filter coffee machine which takes only minutes to brew coffee straight into a Thermos Jug or Airpot, making it ideal for the preparation of delicious freshbrew coffee for your meeting rooms. The coffee stays fresh all day and therefore allows for catering staff to prepare in advance coffee for the meeting rooms.

Ideal for coffee preparation in advance for meeting rooms and/or boardrooms


Does your Canteen lack a Coffee Machine?

The empty space in your canteen could be costing you more than a machine would. If you offer food services and other commodities but lack a coffee machine; it’s likely your employees, students or customers could be going out to get their coffee which could mean they’re more likely to purchase other lunch necessities away from your canteen leaving your organisation with more waste and poor reputation.

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