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NQA ISO 14001:2004Strong Vend has officially been awarded the prestigious NQA ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for environmental management systems.

This new accreditation is in addition to Strong Vend’s ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. This new ISO accreditation enhances Strong Vend’s reputation as London’s leading provider of bean to cup coffee machines and vending solutions.

Strong Vend is committed to sustainability with a continued and progressive reduction of our carbon footprint. If you are wondering why ISO certification is important we have listed some facts below:

What is the ISO 14001 accreditation?
The ISO 14001 is an international standard in environmental management systems.
The standard regulates and improves the overall environmental performance of any business. This is achieved by preventing pollution, complying with environmental legislation and continually reducing Strong Vend’s very own carbon footprint whilst working together with our manufacturers and suppliers to still further reduce both our and their carbon footprints.

Why did Strong Vend want to become ISO:14001-2004 certified?
Strong Vend is highly sensitive to their ethical and environmental responsibilities to their customers, suppliers and the community.
Obtaining ISO 14001:2004 is a visible testimony to the effort and work that has been achieved by all Strong Vend staff prior to accreditation. This latest ISO is part of Strong Vend’s continual improvement programme that is part of the ISO:9001-2008.

How Does ISO:14001-2004 relate to ISO:9001-2008?
Strong Vend is ISO:9001-2008 certified meaning it has a continual improvement programme via our quality manual and quality system.
This focuses on customer satisfaction, improving productivity, business analysis and of course the effect our services have on the environment.
We see ISO:14001-2004 as a natural extension and part of the goals of ISO:9001-2008.

Why were Strong Vend awarded the certification?
Strong Vend demonstrated a very competent ability to control and minimise its environmental impact in accordance with NQA environmental guidelines. This is just one of three articles we have created on the subject matter and our next, which will be released later this month is about how ISO:14001-2004 has benefited Strong Vend.
The entire team at Strong Vend is thrilled with the ISO 14001 accreditation from NQA.
Strong Vend will continue to maintain the standards and push the boundaries of what is achievable to ensure that we are the number one bean to cup vendor machine supplier in London.