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Infographic: Office Workers Spend Over £1,500 Per Year on Coffee During Working Hours

At Strong Vend, we’ve always tried to raise awareness around the benefits of installing a bean to cup coffee machine in the office, and recently we decided that we wanted some statistics around the topic to support our claim. Recently, we commissioned a survey into the coffee drinking habits of people working in London.

The results were what we always expected, and now we can provide you with figures so you can see the savings that could be made in your office. Some of the most interesting stats include:

  • Office workers spend over £1,500 per year on coffee during working hours.
  • Office workers who purchase their coffee from an office coffee machine save £300 per year when compared with those who purchase their coffee from a high street coffee shop.
  • Directors and Managers both spend more than double what an office worker would typically spend on coffee.

There’s plenty more interesting insights to come from this research, but rather than list them all here, we thought we would present them to you in an easily digestible infographic below. Also, if you would like to see how much time and money you spend on coffee at work, then feel free to use the Strong Vend coffee savings calculator.