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Fennel based Tea- A Cleansing Ritual

Mostly associated with the family of Indian spices, but originally native to the Mediterranean, fennel is a tall herb that grows in small, yellow flowers.

Fennel has a pale green color with a crunchy texture, a relaxing scent, and slight notes of bitter in the aftertaste.

Among its various uses, Fennel seeds are widely consumed in tea-form. Have you ever tried or wondered what’s so good about fennel tea? These 7 benefits will give you the best reasons to pour yourself a cup next time you are looking for a hot beverage fix.

1. Keeps blood pressure in check

Fennel consumption supposedly levels up the nitrate and potassium levels in the saliva. Which is excellent for keeping the blood pressure and heart beat rate in check.

2. Minimise water retention

Fennel based tea helps flush the body of excess fluids through its diuretic properties. It further aids in eliminating harmful toxins from the body, resulting in reduction in the risk of urinary tract infections. Its diaphoretic benefits aids to the stimulation of healthy perspiration.

3. Help with constipation, indigestion and bloating

Fennel seeds or fennel based teas act as laxative in any problem pertaining to digestion. Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties like fenchone, estragole and anethole make it a great digestive. And these powerful oils can also kick start digestion, promoting the production of essential gastric enzymes.

4. Reduction of asthma symptoms

issues like bronchitis, congestion and coughing, could be combated through the expectorant properties of fennel thus, it can be a great help with the symptoms associated with bronchiatory issues.

5. Purifying the blood

Your body is being thoroughly detoxified upon fennel based teas. This leads to a healthier body and quicker absorption of nutrients and cleaner and healthier blood formation.

6. Fighting acne

Precious minerals like calcium, zinc and selenium enter your body with fennel based teas. Just like any other herbal tea benefits for skin, this also helps to achieve hormonal balance and boost the oxygen, which is important to rid skin problems like acne. Fennel also has a cooling effect on the skin, which helps you achieve a healthy glow.

7. Cancer prevention and healing

The free radical scavenging properties of fennel can help reduce the oxidative stress that can lead to cancers of the stomach, skin and breasts. Fennel can also be effective for chemo modulation.

And these are just few of the many, many benefits of fennel, now more popular than ever as a cleanser and detoxifier. Add fennel-based tea to your daily routine and you can enjoy the full range of health benefits too.