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Coffee as a Motivational Tool

drinking coffee

It turns out that a hot cup of coffee at your desk could be beneficial to your work as well as perking you up.

Research commissioned this month by Mars Drinks has revealed that it’s important for ‘basic needs’ to be met before beginning work. The numbers back this up with 43% of employees saying that a hot beverage has a positive impact on their work and 39% saying that it helps with their concentration.

The survey also uncovered that more employees are choosing to take their coffee at work rather than go out to a cafe because of the expense, most believing that provision of tea and coffee in the workplace is a necessity rather than a ‘perk’.

The study concluded that a comfortable working environment with high quality services including beverage provision will see an improvement in productivity. So why stem the creativity and concentration of your workforce? Make sure your employees always have good coffee, and you are bound to see improvements.