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5 (+1) Ways Your Office Coffee Machine Keeps the Creative Juices Flowing

We don’t NEED a reason to fill up another cup of coffee; after all, the more, the merrier. That is, the more coffee, the merrier us.

Words aren’t enough to stress on the importance of an office coffee machine. It just keeps us from turning into work zombies. How?

Here are 5 (+1) of the many, many ways your office coffee machine keeps the creative juices flowing

Fixer Up-er

Great things happen when the mind is fresh and 100% productive. but what if you are:


Out of ideas?

Not feeling productive enough?

No problem. Coffee’s Gotchu!

Coffee is a great pick me up, no matter what time of day it is. The caffeine rush helps you get through the day and your creativity stays by your side, instead of otherwise flying out the office doors.

Aside from work, coffee helps you to sustain the energy for life outside/after work, for example, gym, household chores, taking care of children etc. All that requires physical and mental energy both. Coffee’s got you covered.

Connected via Coffee

Who said the greatest ideas ever popped up while sitting at the desk? Ironically, the stress levels rise and create blockages, and keep us from reaching that “light-bulb” moment.

Teams bond a lot better over coffee and come up with ideas or solutions away from the workplace. Be it a lunch break, or a walk to the coffee machine.

Mixing it up

TED Talks professionals say

“If you want to be inspired, take a walk (away from your workplace); it works, trust us!”

Due to cognitive saturation, the inability to process anymore work-related information makes it impossible to get anything done. Walking into another setting, seeing another face, talking about something not even remotely related to work over a cup of coffee for the next 10- 15 mins could work wonders.

Unwinding ritual

What better way to unwind at work than breaking for coffee, a snack and a lighthearted chat? A Little break like this goes a long way in making you more productive and handling all that work stress like a pro.

Surely, all that workload on your shoulders doesn’t allow any other leisure activity during office hours.

If your office has a swimming pool, then that’s another story.

It’s a mind game

No good comes from stressing over one problem for hours at a time. instead, emptying your head, sipping on your coffee can open up new possibilities.

Letting go and letting your mind wander puts the cognitive saturation to rest. Moreover, research shows that the mere thought and aroma of coffee and lighten up the mood and boost productivity.

A Plus

Do your legs a favor and walk away from the desk; ideally towards your coffee machine. Not only does your sanity lie in that cup, but your relaxed legs and back muscles would thank you.