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A few Things To Keep In Mind When Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

In order to keep your staff happy within your business, you will have to make a number of important decisions. One of them is leasing a good commercial coffee machine(s) for your office staff.  If we say that a coffee machine is one of the most important equipment in an office environment then it would not be wrong. It is to be noted that you should first understand a few facts about commercial coffee machines before committing to one for your office. By doing so, you can understand that which commercial coffee machine is appropriate for you. You can easily buy a perfect commercial coffee machine if you keep in mind following five points when leasing a commercial coffee machine.

Commercial needs

It would be unwise to sign any agreement to lease a perfect commercial coffee machine for your office unless you understand the commercial needs of your business. Decide how many cups of coffee you will serve every day and keep this factor in mind when choosing the coffee machine for your office. If you have decided to serve 50 cups every day, then it is ideal to invest in a low capacity coffee machine. If you want to serve 150 to 200 cups per day then medium volume coffee machines are the best option. If you intend to serve more than 200 cups per day then select large capacity machine.

Space in your office for your coffee machine

Space in your office is an important factor to be keep in mind when leasing a commercial coffee machine.

Type of coffee you want to sell

When leasing a coffee machine always keep in mind the type of coffee you want to provide for your staff. If you want to serve espresso, latte or cappuccino or all of them then ensure that the commercial coffee machine you choose, can make the type of drinks that you want to serve.
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Coffee machine’s warranty

Usually, when you rent a commercial coffee machine the supplier is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the coffee machine. However, when you buy a commercial coffee machine then usually owner is liable for the maintenance and repair of the coffee machine. Therefore, when buying a coffee machine keep the repair and maintenance costs in mind.

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