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7 Amazing Benefits Of A Water Boiler

Water boilers provide instant hot water to make noodles, soups, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other stuff. They come in a variety of designs and styles. There are a number of benefits of installing water boiler in the kitchen of an office. Due to the advantages of water boilers, many companies are now buying or renting water boilers for their offices instead of relying on a kettle. Let’s have a look at the amazing benefits of water boilers.

Saves electricity

It is to be noted that kettle is a power hungry kitchen appliance that wastes a lot of energy, particularly in an office because they are switched on over and over again by the office workers in a single day to satisfy their caffeine needs. On the other hand, water boilers don’t consume large amounts of energy. They are energy-efficient.

Saves time

Preparing a hot drink such as coffee or tea using kettle is more time-consuming than making hot drinks using water boilers. One of the biggest benefits of a hot water boiler is that it is connected to the main water line; therefore, they can provide an endless supply of hot water all the day. Your employees don’t have to wait for the water to boil because water boilers offer instant access to hot water. In short, office water boilers help save employees time. With the help of office water boiler, employees can quickly make a tea or coffee for themselves and can get back to work without wasting significant time.

Provides large quantities of hot water

How many cups of hot water can a water boiler provide? It depends on the model of the water boiler. Water boilers can serve 140 to 180 cups of hot water every hour. While, the majority of kettles have a capacity of 1.7 litres, almost 8 cups of tea.

Improves aesthetics of the office

Kettle cannot play role in improving an office’s aesthetics. Water boilers are available in different styles and designs. Their attractive design can help improve aesthetics of an office kitchen.

Easy to clean & service

Another benefit of hot water boilers is that they are easy to clean and service.

Safe & easy to use

Hot water boilers are safe and easy to use. As water boilers dispense water either via tap or press button, therefore your employees can easily and safely fill their mugs with hot water.

Worthwhile investment

Although, buying and installing a water boiler can be an expensive investment, but it offers convenience and reduces energy cost; therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for any office.

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