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Nowadays, almost every office has a water cooler for employees and visitors. This is due to the fact that employers have realized the importance of water coolers in the workplace. If your office does not have a water cooler then it means that your business and employees are missing out several benefits offered by water coolers. Followings 5 reasons will explain to you why you should buy a water cooler/water dispenser for your office.

Reason 1:

When an office has a water cooler all the employees have access to free chilled water all the day. Apart from this, the presence of water cooler reminds the office employees regarding the importance of hydration.

Reason 2:

It is to be noted that providing clean and quality drinking water to employees keeps them healthy. Tap water may not have a good taste or may not be safe for drinking. But, water coolers always provide pure, fresh, nice tasting and filtered drinking water which is good for the health of the employees.

Reason 3:

Water coolers are quite cost-efficient.  There are 2 types of water coolers – one is bottle-fed while the other is mains-fed. These water coolers are cost-efficient. If you cannot buy a water cooler for your office, don’t worry. You can rent a water cooler to fulfil the water needs of your employees at the office.

Reason 4:

Water coolers are easy and inexpensive to maintain and clean. In a majority of the water coolers, you just have to keep clean the faucet or dispensing area. If the water cooler is installed by a professional, it requires minimal maintenance.

Reason 5:

If you have a water cooler in your office then you don’t need a kitchen staff as your employees can make hot and cold drinks and also light snacks, for instance, hot noodles with the help of hot and cold units of the water cooler.

Reason 6:

Water coolers are space efficient. They are available in a number of sizes and can be easily adjusted in office kitchens even those who have limited space. The bottle fed water coolers are suitable for small office kitchens while main feds water coolers are perfect for big office kitchens or for companies that have a large number of employees.

Reason 7:

Having a water cooler in your office gives the message to the visitors that you really care about your employees and leaves the good impression of your business on them.