Chilled can, bottle & cooled snack machines

Can, bottle and snack vending machines for all offices and working environments across London; available to buy, rent or lease.

Cans & Snacks Machines

Luxury vending machines for the office

Strong Vend is the leading provider of high performance vending machines for working offices or communal areas within London where usage is frequent. Our machines can offer cans, bottles, snacks, confectionary and perishable foods and all come available to buy, rent or lease.

Our personalised service means we'll deliver, install and maintain every machine within the London area. We also hold the Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as suppliers of drink and snack vending machines Strong Vend Limited London.

What are the benefits?

Dual-Temperature Machines

Apply different temperature settings with a selection of our vending solutions.

Coin Mechanism

Fit your machine with a coin mechanism to ensure control and flexibility for all concerned.


Employees will no longer have to leave the office when they want a bite to eat.

Increase Morale

A vending machine helps to promote a positive working culture within your company.

Get great tasting coffee in your workplace

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