3300 water cooler

The 3300 Water Cooler dispenses both chilled and ambient water and is available in floor standing and as a counter/table-top model, to save space and allow the unit, if required, to be placed on a kitchen work surface. These machines will fit into any office surrounding and are smart and attractive and can be sited within any environment. These units are fitted with a large drip tray to catch any spillage and are able to cater for large volumes. The 3300 range is connected to mains water plumbing via a filter, which ensures the quality of the water and eliminates the need for storage of unsightly bottles and improves the quality of the water at the point of dispense. There is no worry of staff hurting themselves lifting heavy bottles of water or the cooler running out of water.

Who is it for?

These models will fit into any environment from warehouses to the smartest office or kitchen offering filtered chilled and ambient water at the touch of a button ensuring your staff always have a quality drinking water supply ‘on tap’ at all times.

Product features

Floor standing or table top models available.

Robust and modern design - ideal for the modern office.

The push type water taps are made from high impact durable ABS for durability and easy cleaning/maintenance.

Ultra quiet refrigeration system - air-cooled static-type condenser with no fan required. Protected against motor overload and hermetically sealed.

Removable anti-splash grid.

What does it dispense?

It dispenses chilled and ambient water at the press of a button as required into your cup.

Customisation options

This machine is available in anthracite

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Full Service Package

Every machine comes with our full service package. This includes delivery, installation together with, if required, a fully operated service which includes refilling, cleaning to the very highest standards and full maintenance and service package.

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