Cup and Lid Dispensers

At Strong Vend we are able to supply a full range of high quality stainless steel cup dispensers from the simple wall mounted pull down cup dispenser to the elevator cup dispensers, together with countertop box dispensers made in high quality stainless steel and specialist counter fitted cup dispensers that fit into the work surface or can be mounted horizontally under the work surface. We are also able to supply stainless steel wall mounted lid dispensers, which are able to dispense 2 sizes of lids together with counter top lid dispensers made in high quality stainless steel, together with lid dispensers that fit into the work surface and give a smart, clean appearance.

Who is it for?

Any environment where cups and lids are to be kept clean, tidy and hygienically stored.

Product features

Wide range of cup dispenser models able to support either large, medium or small capacities of cups, making them ideal for any office requirement.

Perfect for accompanying your bean to cup or filter coffee machine solution.

Can be vertically wall or surface mounted.

Can be used with a variety of cups and cup shapes, but Strong Vend recommend using with our fully recyclable cups to help protect the environment.

What does it dispense?

Able to dispense single cups and lids as required.

Customisation options

Stainless Steel or counter mounted.

We are able to provide cup dispensers and lid dispensers to fit all sizes.

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Full Service Package

Every machine comes with our full service package. This includes delivery, installation together with, if required, a fully operated service which includes refilling, cleaning to the very highest standards and full maintenance and service package.

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