Condiment Holders

These condiment trays store your sugar and stirrers the smart way. The units are made of high grade stainless steel making them extremely durable and the individual compartment trays are made of a strong plastic moulding, so cleaning is easy. These plastic trays are dishwasher friendly. They come in either a 1 tier model offering 3 bins or the larger 2 tier model offering 6 bins to suit your office needs capacity wise. These units hold an ample supply of stock giving good capacity, tidying your work surface and complimenting any table top drinks system.

Who is it for?

These units will fit into any office or kitchen area smartly presenting your condiments.

Product features

Ensures that everything is kept tidy, hygienic and professionally displayed.

Keeps all condiments in the office or kitchen tidy, visible and available.

Customisation options

Units available in Stainless Steel with clear perspex lids with one quart bins.

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Full Service Package

Every machine comes with our full service package. This includes delivery, installation together with, if required, a fully operated service which includes refilling, cleaning to the very highest standards and full maintenance and service package.

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