Style 5 In-Cup

The Style 5 In-Cup Drinks Dispenser offers a range of 5 top quality in-cup drinks which includes Nestle Gold Blend Freeze Dried Coffee, PG Tips individual serving tea bag in the cup and Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate. This drinks dispenser is ideal for warehouses and small offices where quality drinks are required. This machine is simple to operate, just load in the cups, a quick wipe and the machine is ready for use.

Who is it for?

For those who want to offer a range of top quality drinks with minimal involvement. The machine lends itself to coin operation should this be required.

Product features

Drink selection is simplicity itself with a user friendly push button system.

Indicator lights guide the user through every step of making their chosen drink.

Free vend machine as standard. However it can be specified to have electronic coin mechanism.

High capacity and feature packed.

Convenient internal stir stick dispenser.

Table-top or free standing options - including integration with a variety of vendor cabinet systems.

Hot water or refrigerated water at a touch of a button.

What does it dispense?

A range of top quality in-cup drinks

Customisation options

Black Moulded Front Door includes Nestle Gold Blend Logo.

A wide choice of top quality In-Cup drinks.

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Full Service Package

Every machine comes with our full service package. This includes delivery, installation together with, if required, a fully operated service which includes refilling, cleaning to the very highest standards and full maintenance and service package.

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