Aequator Rio 14 with fresh milk module

The Aequator Rio 14 with stainless steel front door offering a full range of speciality coffees all made with fresh milk, including both black and white coffees, as well as frothy cappuccinos. This machine is able to dispense two coffees as it is fitted with a split hopper and twin grinders, so you are able to select from either a mid-range coffee bean and a decaffeinated bean or a mid-range coffee bean and possibly a more full bodied coffee bean to give a fuller and smoother taste. This machine truly offers the coffee house experience in your office.

Who is it for?

The Aequator Rio 14 is ideal for working offices and meeting rooms when you want to offer a selection of great tasting coffees. This coffee system will produce a range of speciality coffees at the push of a button using fresh milk to give that coffee house experience.

Product features

Ingredients: fresh milk, two coffee beans and chocolate

Capacity: The Aequator milk module can hold 10 litres of fresh milk

Electricity: 230v/10.5A/2.4KW

Water: Connection to fresh drinking water supply via a Brita Water Filter

Rio 14 Coffee System

Height: 810mm

Width: 320mm

Depth: 560mm

Fresh Milk Module

Height: 710mm

Width: 250mm

Depth: 390mm

What does it dispense?

Option 1

This is for Lavazza Super Crema, a velvety and delicate flavor coffee with an excellent creamy consistency.

Each button is capable of delivering two different drinks and we have filled the bean hopper with 2 delicious Lavazza coffee beans.

For this selection, simply place a cup on the cup stand and press the desired drink button. Your beverage will then be automatically dispensed with fresh milk to provide the ultimate coffee house experience.

  • Black Coffee/Black Coffee Decaf
  • White Coffee/White Coffee Decaf
  • Café Latte/Café Latte Decaf
  • Cappuccino/Cappuccino Decaf
  • Espresso/Espressochoc
  • Chocolate/Cremichoc
  • Hot Water/Hot Milk

Option 2

This is for Lavazza Pienaroma; a stronger 100% Arabica Bean with an aromatic smooth flavor with a mildly acidic consistency.

From this selection, simply place a cup on the cup stand then press the option 2 button. This is the bottom left hand selection button; this will now blink indicating it is active. Now press your desired drink button, your beverage will be automatically dispensed with fresh milk.

The option 2 button will always deactivate after each beverage is dispensed (light permanently on). The option 2 can be reactivated or deactivated by simply pressing the button once.

  • Black Coffee 1/Black Coffee 2
  • White Coffee 1/White Coffee 2
  • Café Latte 1/Café Latte 2
  • Cappuccino 1/Cappuccino 2
  • Espresso 1/Espressochoc
  • Chocolate/Cremichoc
  • Hot Water/Hot Milk

Customisation options

Either medium or strong or with a decaffeinated option.

The Aequator Rio 14 is available in all stainless steel with a stainless steel front door. Hopper labeling is available for Lavazza branding.

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